Commercial Illustration

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Hockey Talk
Fitzhenry Whiteside publishers, 2010. created approx. fifty colour drawings on tight schedule for children's book on hockey. Enjoyed the process, as well as the content of the book very much. I have begun illustrating a second book for Fitzhenry Whiteside publishing, an as-yet untitled NHL biography for kids..
Here are a few of the highlights and roughs  from Hockey Talk, and some preliminary sketches for a Tim Horton  Biography..



    Mascot design
I spent many years designing mascots for several different companies in the GTA. Chances are if you have been to a sports outing or a parade in the last ten years, you have seen my work. Two of my favourite moments were designing the Toronto Raptors mascot (below left) and the Canadian National Exhibition mascot (below right) The CNE mascot was based on a child's contest-winning drawing. The trick was to make the mascot workable, without losing the charm of the little boy's original sketch.



My work has taken alot of odd turns-- posters for children's plays and independant theatre, content development for television pitch packages, and even background art work for TSN's "Off Record" with Michael Landsberg. 



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