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Visual Merchandising


Over the years, I have sculpted several window displays for the Silver Snail,
a Toronto Comic book shop an
d famous landmark. Promoting new product,
films, or cross proomotion with film companies, I have enjoyed all of this fast
paced and challenging work.


I sculpted this little "window Imp" as a mascot and promotion for the first ever Toronto animation festival. It got a great response, as did the festival itself.




Two of the several Zombies I did for the cross-promotion with the silver snail and Alliance Atlantis--The challenge was to make them scary, but not so much so that they would upset children.



For many years, I was  prolific in the mascot industry--I worked at most of the larger places on Toronto, and some of the smaller ones too. I even helped set up and train a couple of companies.Chances are if you were at a sports event, or a parade, you saw saw my work.


Unfortunately, so much of my mascot work was done LOOOONG before digital or websites-- so I have also scanned one of my old throwaways and you can check out my mascot design work (here). Please enjoy!

Indiana Jones  

This window was fantastic, and one of my favourites. We had only one light source, so I broke mirrors into pieces and attached them to the window support structure  to throw dramatic light under his hat and across his eyes. I built the set, and was part of the install crew.


 "2010 G20 BIG HEADS"
Oxfam Canada, 2010
Comments: The organizers of Oxfam's G20 demonstration met an unexpected obstacle when the prime minister of Japan resigned only two weeks before the Summit so I was invited to transform a former Japanese prime minister into the new prime minister and get the other "Big Heads" ready for their international spot
G8:  Lost tourists or powerful leaders? by Oxfam International.
  My task was to take this sculpture...

and transform it into Prime Minister Kan, oh, and repair and touch up the other seven sculptures. I managed all of this in less than four days!