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For Television

Click on any image to view a high resolution enlargement. Note, work done for television is only shown by the artist following broadcast so my most recent work will not appear on this site for a few months.
Pilot I created, and co-developed with Cuppa Coffee Animation for Teletoon (to be broadcast in the fall)  Lots of fun--Like the first shows I worked on, it was a very fast-paced schedule, and a limited budget. Had lots to do on this--character design, sculpting, props, script and visual consultant. Very busy, and loads of fun, too. More photos to come, after the show has aired. An incredible learning experience.
In a Teletoon online competition, NERDLAND beat out twelve other competitors for "fan favourite"

"NERDLAND" was nominated  by the Pulcinella  Awards for  "Best New Pilot" and was  also nominated  for the Annecy award for "Best series"! 
 Nerdland Pitch-- In progress
The following shots are of Nerdland's  one minute short produced to pitch to broadcasters. I was responsible for character design as well as production design,  voice acting, and also wrote the script.
Stills from the short  animated sample-- in some ways, I  preferred the rough-hewn charm of this piece to the actual pilot.



Cuppa Coffee Animation, 2006.
Comments: The schedule was brisk, with turnaround from design approval to polished sculpt in one to two days.
                            Matt LeBlanc                       Bill O'Reilly                      Brad Pitt                 Arnold Schwarzenegger
Comments: Mouths have been removed on finished "STARVEILLANCE" puppets so they could be CG'd in during post-production.
                                 Al Roker                    Matt Damon                            Tina Fey                       Courtney Cox
                                 Meg Ryan                    Hilary Swank               Arnie as "Mr. Freeze"           Starveillance Host

"LIFE'S A ZOO" -- Cuppa Coffee Animation, 2007/2008.
Comments: Puppets on this show are more complex than previous work,, using mouth replacement kits rather than more traditional CG mouths.



Alliance Atlantis, 2003.
Comments:Besides being primary puppet/prop sculptor, I was also shop supervisor. Whimsical, clean designs facilitated the breakneck pace and limited budget of the show. I was placed in charge of  traing a crew largely composed of kids fresh out of school, even as the show was in full production. We melded together into one of the best crews I have ever worked with. The result of which is this  ranks as one of my favourite projects and I count the crew of this show among my best friends even after all this time..




Cuppa Coffee for Sesame Street, 2002
Very first stop motion short. Sculpted puppets, props and constructed armatures.  Sculpted mouth-kits for "Molly" puppet. Very happy with the final look of this piece.


"LUNAR JIM", Season I

Alliance Atlantis/Halifax Film, 2004
Comments: an incredible, once in a lifetime learning experience from the producers of POKO. I sculpted puppets, props, vehicle components and set pieces as the show progressed.



 A MISER BROTHERS CHRISTMAS--Cuppa Coffee, for Warner Bros, 2008 Who wouldn't want to work on a show like this?  the old Rankin Bass characters that inspired so many kids for so long, I was very proud to be a part of this. Sculpted puppets, some props, mouth kits for most major puppets. Please excuse the quality of some of the images.

"DARN THAT DRAGON" video for Rush's R30 Tour

Cuppa Coffee Animation, 2004.
Comments: I worked on the sets and props.